What to expect

Relevant Teaching

We offer people biblically-based teaching that is practical and relevant to your life. We provide this teaching through a variety of ways that allows people to find a setting that will best promote growth and learning in their own lives.

pOWERFUL Praise & Worship

We believe that praise and worship is the pathway to the presence of God, and we pursue His presence with enthusiasm, fervor and excitement. We desire for individuals to experience the fullness of God’s presence so that their lives may be transformed during our times of corporate praise and worship.

Creative Arts

We believe in the full use of the God-given talents that people are blessed with. We encourage them to creatively develop and employ these talents in service to the Lord and others. We provide multifaceted and artistic ministry for people to express their in talents in our ongoing effort to impact both the church and the world.

Life-Changing Ministry

We believe that the Spirit of the living God can transform any person’s life. Therefore, we offer our lives in service to God and others as conduits of the Lord’s transforming love, hope and mercy.

We invite you to join our congregation in offering praise and worship to our Lord and Savior. You will find that it will bring peace and healing to your heart, as well as prepare you to receive a thought provoking, life-changing message from our Pastors.

Pastor Mel and Desiree Ayres would like to meet you after the service, so please, feel free to introduce yourself to them, or any of our staff; they will be in the lobby.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Preach the Gospel

Witness Jesus

Win Souls

Make Disciples