7 Things text friends/Co-workers/Family to invite to Church!

1. What up? I heard this scripture at church Sunday and thought of you... Romans 8:31 "if God is for us no one can successfully stand against us" - don't give up never quit! - praying for you - btw why don't you come to church with me - it's awesome - lunch after - my treat ?✔️... let me know


2. Hey didn't have a chance to talk with you today. Sooo busy! My church is having an awesome Sunday Service. Great music always and a powerful message - would love to have you come and we can grab lunch after. Let me know.


3. Hey I was praying this morning and thought about you and your family. I was wondering if you'd like to attend our Sunday  Service at my church In His Presence... great children's ministry our music is so powerful - there will be live theatre and the message is always encouraging and enlightening. Your family will feel safe and really enjoy it. We can grab some food after. Let me know.


4. I wanted to text you and invite you for Sunday Service. It would mean so much to have you there... let me know you'll come .... Love You!


5. WOW! It's been "a minute" since we last connected. Life is Busy! How are you? Whatup? I'm going to my church. Why don't you come with and we can grab lunch after and catch up. You will love it. Live Theatre Awesome Music and always an Encouraging Thought Provoking Message. It's a lot of fun you'll really enjoy it - it would be great to see you - let me know


6. Hey the my church is having a Special Sunday Service - why don't you come with me - it's a great church, and we can eat after. Let me know!


7. Hey ____ I know you are going thru a tough season right now - my church is having a healing service on Sunday. So many have been miraculously healed at In His Presence Church - come with me I know they will pray for you. It's not religious and stuffy you will feel safe and comfortable there... remember God loves you and wants you healed and whole - let me know ... praying for you